Monday, January 28, 2013

There is no such thing...

B"H a part-time person

Ready or not here you are, a brand new baby plopped into my arms. 

You looked up at me with those big dark eyes scrutinizing every attribute of me.  You were wide awake.  After twenty five hours of labor I was exhausted, thirsty, and very hungry. You were hungry too.  You were always hungry during the day but at night you always slept, thank G_d!

Two years later your little sister was born.  The miracle of you is that you always treated her as the complete person she has always been. ... perhaps more complete than most.  And that little baby girl with Down Syndrome, our Rachel, showed you another way to experience life.  

There is mystery in everyone's life.  I don't understand why I ever thought that Down Syndrome would bestow upon Rachel more mystery than is typical.  She has certainly awakened in me a much broader view of the world.  But in my son that view is ever present.  He takes that vision for granted.  Many folks in our community have acknowledged a relationship between big brother and little sister that they have never seen before.  Others see Rachel's exquisite role in the making of the man our son is becoming.  

Being a cancer patient has prevented me from meddling and interfering with my son's life as much as I had originally planned to do.  Appointments, treatments, and tests take time... lots of time away from my family.  We have decided, for whatever reason, that this has been for the best.  I am curious about the choices he will make in this life.  

We have two prayers for our son and our daughter:

May you accept the best of us.  Forgive the worst of us.  And understand that the rest is us and not you.

May you make the most of everything that G_d has bestowed upon you, always in the best way.  


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