Monday, January 28, 2013

There is no such thing...

B"H a part-time person

Ready or not here you are, a brand new baby plopped into my arms. 

You looked up at me with those big dark eyes scrutinizing every attribute of me.  You were wide awake.  After twenty five hours of labor I was exhausted, thirsty, and very hungry. You were hungry too.  You were always hungry during the day but at night you always slept, thank G_d!

Two years later your little sister was born.  The miracle of you is that you always treated her as the complete person she has always been. ... perhaps more complete than most.  And that little baby girl with Down Syndrome, our Rachel, showed you another way to experience life.  

Sunday, January 6, 2013



...acts of life

She did not look very strong.  Her steps were tiny and deliberate.  Most people who need oxygen constantly either wear the canister in a back pack or roll it on wheels.  This older lady was holding her metal canister like a beloved baby.  I understand.  

Oxygen is smooth and comforting.  It is the breath of G-d, the elixir of life when the lungs are filled with fluid.  Oxygen keeps the body at peace while the siphon drains liters of fluid from the pleura.  Then the pleasure of coughing begins.  It is important to puff up the lungs so they may work again.  There is nothing boring about breathing.  

There is nothing boring about any aspect of life.  Miracles are multi-dimensional and have nothing to do with that little purple and pink wand with the star and the ribbons and the glitter that sings a song when you tap or whack someone.  Miracles assign many responsibilities.  It is difficult business to rise to the occasion of this gift.